AGL (Sand Cyclone)


For a hydro cyclone to work a peak efficiency the volume of slurry and the pump delivery pressure remain constant. Cyclone pump is allowed to surge, the up and down pressure will cause poor separation at the point of high and low operating pressure.

AGL 40/380C is design in high efficiency volute with self-Venti Vertical Centre line discharge.  The impeller and casing, is equal at all the points.  This kind of design will help reduce turbulence, cavitation.  This design can benefit casing life is greatly extended especially in abrasive service.  This pumps is used closed impeller type.  We are upgrading the impeller size from 320mm to 380mm.  The purpose is for running high pressure low speed pumps coupled with excellent wear resistant material has enable the pumps to operate in this very abrasive application.  The pump with the bigger impeller will be able to achieve an extra 1 bar pressure at a typical operating capacity at 30m3/hr.

For the shaft side, the large diameter shaft design to take full load stresses with minimum deflexion.  Fully machined and ground section which fine finishing and dimensional tolerance and critical.  The shaft end design is benefit to tapper lock pulley.  This pump is suitable for Sand Cyclone Pre-cleaner application.

1) Spare parts stocking is cut to minimum through high interchangeability of manufactured components.
2) The standard casing mounted arrangement feature ‘Back Pull-Out’, shaft end diameter are designed to fit tapper lock ‘Pully’


Suction : 65 MM
Discharge : 40 MM
Speed : 900 RPM – 1600 RPM
Impeller Diameter : 380 MM
Weight : 112 KG (Bare Pump)

Material Construction:-

1) Casing: Stainless Steel CA15
2) Impeller: Stainless Steel CA15
3) Shaft: Stainless Steel 304
4) Shaft Seal: TC vs. TC, Viton (Wetted)