About Us

Allen Gwynnes Pumps
Sdn. Bhd.

Allen Gwynnes Pumps, established in 1880 by W. H. Allen Group Ltd of the UK, has been producing end-suction “Nimbus” Pumps in Malaysia since 1976. In 2007, we were acquired by Pump One Engineering Sdn. Bhd. and now serves numerous prominent buildings and factories in Malaysia and abroad.

As a comprehensive manufacturer, we handle every stage from casting and machining to assembly and testing all under one roof. Our in-house application engineers are prepared to assist you, in devising practical pump solutions tailored to your project. Additionally, we offer installation and maintenance support as needed to ensure customer satisfaction.

Over the years, Allen Gwynnes Pumps have been growing steadily; broadening its range of services and constantly accelerating innovations in all aspects to maintain an exponential growth in the driving force of new technology in today’s world. It is our aim to provide clients with a high quality service, delivering reliable and trustworthy services with a dynamic approach to meet the clients’ ever-changing needs and expectations.

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