• AGV Pump

AGV Pump



The AGV is stand for Allen Gwynnes Vertical Multistage In line Pumps. This Pump directly coupled to a totally enclosed fan -cooled (TEFC) electric motor.The Impeller , diffuser,intermediate chamber, shaft and casing , other parts inAISI 304 standless steel 304.Mechanical seal in carbon vs tungsten carbide.The rubber parts all in NBR or EDPM.We also have Option suction and discharge ports material inAISI 304 stanless steel 304.This pumps maximum working pressure is from 16 bar up to 30 bars depending on the pumps models.


1) Water supply

2) Water pressure Boosting Unit

3) High pressure washing

4) Liquip transfer

5) Fire figthing pumps

6) Boiler Feed pumps

7) Water treatment.

8) Irrigation

9) Aquacalture and other application


1) Quiet operations

2) Maintaenance free shaft seal

3) High efficiency for energy savings.

4) Suitable for hot and cold water pumping.

5) Greater resistance to corrosion & abrasion compared to normal cast iron pumps.

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